Core Scientific International provide highly technical scientific support in environmental research to universities, government, industry and public.

Alpha Spectroscopy Services - In particular- Radio isotopic Lead Pb- dating, Pb-210 analysis by most frequent method, Alpha Spectroscopy to measure sedimentation rate/sediment accumulation rate to find out age of the sediment (Geochronology, Paleolimnology).

Gamma Spectroscopy Services - measurements of Cesium Cs-137, Beryllium Be-7, Radium Ra-226, other radioisotopes belong to Uranium U-238 series & Thorium Th-232 series by Gamma Spectroscopy.

Physical Chemistry Services - bulk density measurement of sediments at different depth intervals, preparation of sample, both dry & wet forms for homogeneity prior to analysis.

Radon Gas Detection - includes both Long-Term & Short-Term detection of radon gas in residential & commercial buildings in East St Paul, Landmark, Winnipeg, Steinbach in Manitoba and all across Canada. We supply activated charcoal Short term Radon test kit, Alpha track long term Radon test kit and Radon-in-Water test kit.

Core Scientific International is a multi discipline team in Chemistry, Physics, Electronics Engineering, BioChemistry, Entomology, Geography & Biology.

Core Scientific International specialize in the analysis and interpretation of sediment accumulation rates and the age of sediment stratigraphies. Clients use sediment ages to examine the impact of historical events in land or water usage to changes within the aquatic environment. Chronology (Radio active Pb-210, Cs-137, Be-7 measurement) information of this kind can assist in determining which industries caused the contamination, for industrial production, or release records can be compared to the dates of buried materials. Chronology information is also useful for determining whether buried substances are migrating or degenerating, knowledge which is often useful in planning dredging operations.
Radio Isotopes Analysis
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